About Neurasmus

History, objectives and description

Neurasmus was conceived by six leading universities in the field of Brain research: U Göttingen, VU Amsterdam, U Laval, U Coimbra, Charité-Berlin and U Bordeaux, with strong support from a network of Associates. Up till now, it remains the only joint Master programme in Neuroscience world-wide, combining the expertise of several universities and involving a structured student mobility scheme. The present Neurasmus EMJMD originates from the long-lasting experience gained by our consortium during the Neurasmus EMMC (2010-2015) and Neurasmus EMJMD (2016-2020) programmes.

During the two years of the Master, every student will take rotations in at least two host institutions of the consortium. They will be introduced to the different domains of neuroscience through advanced seminars, tutorials, and hands-on laboratory training. They will take internships in academia and industry and they will participate in workshops and career mentorship events held by our partners. Students will also receive training in scientific writing, scientific communication, design thinking, etc. and will be introduced to two foreign languages (among German, Portuguese, Dutch and French).


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