Photo d'Agnès Nadjar

Agnès Nadjar

Agnès Nadjar is Professor of Neuroscience at the University of Bordeaux and academic coordinator of Neurasmus since 2014.
At the scientific level, Agnes Nadjar is a member of the Physiopathology of energy balance and obesity team within the Neurocentre Magendie (Inserm and University of Bordeaux – Bordeaux Neurocampus). As a specialist in the interactions between nutrition and the brain, her pioneering work on the effect of nutrients on microglial function and neuroinflammation processes aims to lead to the development of innovative treatments in the fight against obesity.

Photo de Morgane Jegot

Morgane Jego

Morgane Le Bon-Jégo is assistant professor at the University of Bordeaux and academic co-coordinator of Neurasmus since 2020.

She is working in the team DNA ( at the Institute of Neurodegenerative Disorders in Bordeaux. Her main research interest is to understand using electrophysiological, cellular imaging and chemo/opto-genetic approaches, the functioning and the plasticity of neural networks. Her current research focuses on the role of midbrain dopamine inputs in functional plasticity of primary motor microcircuits involved in acquisition and maintenance of motor skill learning in physiological and pathophysiological (Parkinson’s disease) conditions.


Success stories

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Sarah Roche
Ahmed Khalil

“Through my acceptance into the Neurasmus program, I was able to learn vital research and data analysis skills.”

Eduarda Centeno
Ahmed Khalil

“I joined Neurasmus in 2018, and my life and career have changed a lot since.”