Preparing your mobility

Once you receive the Letter of Acceptance to the Program, the next step will be to prepare your arrival.

You need to handle a number of important issues and we invite you to read carefully information linked to your mobility, enrolment and stay in the country of study…

Neurasa Association

The Neurasmus Students and Alumni Association (NEURASA) is an international professional and personal network for Neuroscience students and graduates of the Erasmus Mundus Master Course Neurasmus. Please check Neurasa website at

EMA Association

The Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association (EMA) is a network for students and alumni of all Erasmus Mundus Joint Programs.

Since its establishment through an initiative of the European Commission in June 2006, EMA has been working constantly to advance the Erasmus Mundus programme, and to offer a platform where students and alumni can exchange information and experiences.
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